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2022 Panini Prizm World Cup Soccer Hobby 12 Box Case

2022 Panini Prizm World Cup Soccer Hobby 12 Box Case

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12 cards per pack, 12 packs per box, 12 boxes per case 


  • The world’s greatest soccer tournament is here again! Prizm returns for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM featuring all 32 qualified teams.
  • Unwrap tons of color in every box! On average, find 12 Prizms per box, 4 of which are serial-numbered.
  • Overall, find 1 autograph, 4 #’d Prizms, 2 Silver Prizms, 6 other Prizms, 10 Inserts and 2 Silver Inserts per box, on average.
  • Look for the return of the short-printed National Landmarks Insert, with custom artwork of a star player and hallmarks of each qualified nation. New- for-2022 short-printed inserts are Manga, Color Wheel, and National Pride.
  • Find Autographs of stars past-and-present from the field of 32, including Kylian Mbappé. Also be on the hunt for short printed Dual Signatures, highlighting teammates and compatriots.


  • 1 Autograph
  • 4 Numbered Parallels
  • 2 Silvers
  • 6 Other Parallels
  • 10 Inserts 
  • 2 Silver Inserts


Base/Prizm Silver/Prizm Maroon(Hobby Exculsive):
- Collect a 300-card base set featuring players from all 32 qualified teams in the tournament. Find 12 Base parallels per box, on average, including the new Prizms Maroon (#’d/22) in honor of the predominant color of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM.

New Era
- Open a full roster of inserts: Scorers Club, New Era, Connections, Phenomenon, Global Reach, and Team Badges.
- New Era highlights 40 of the best young footballers at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM.

National Landmarks
- Be on the lookout for the return of the ultra-rare National Landmarks insert.
- This insert features custom artwork of a premier player and prominent features of each qualified nation.

Color Wheel
- Collect new short-printed inserts in 2022 including Manga, National Pride, Color Wheel, and the elusive FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM Mascot!

Signatures/Dual Signatures
- Find Autographs from some of the biggest stars of international soccer, past and present.
- The full roster is a galaxy of stars including João Félix, Lautaro Martínez, Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr, Carlos Tevez, Wayne Rooney and some of the first certified autographs from Kylian Mbappé!

Parallel Appendix:
- Base Prizms Silver
- Base Prizms Hyper
- Base Prizms Ice
- Base Prizms Pink
- Base Prizms Red (#’d/399)
- Base Prizms Blue (#’d/299)
- Base Prizms Purple (#’d/199)
- Base Prizms Red Mojo (#’d/99)
- Base Prizms Blue Mojo (#’d/75)
- Base Prizms Purple Mojo (#’d/49)
- Base Prizms Orange (#’d/25)
- Base Prizms Maroon (#’d/22)
- Base Prizms Gold (#’d/10)
- Base Prizms Green (#’d/5)
- Base Prizms Black (#’d/1)

New Era
- New Era Prizms Silver
- New Era Prizms Orange (#’d/25)
- New Era Prizms Gold (#’d/10)
- New Era Prizms Green (#’d/5)
- New Era Prizms Black (#’d/1)

- Signatures Prizms Silver (Max #’d/199)
- Signatures Prizms Gold (Max #’d/10)
- Signatures Prizms Black (Max #’d/1)

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